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Dining out always has its own place in life. Now, If you Plan a Night life in Kasauli, Hangout boasts itself as the Most Happening place in Kasauli. Inspite of its tiny size, Hangout defeats and stands apart as the best Bar and Restaurant in Kasauli with its spectacular design to its live theater of delightful food, music and good wines, artistry of its splendid chefs and musicians.

Introducing the Crown of Kasauli Regency (can be honoured as Prince amongst the Hotels in Kasauli) Hangout, the Roof Top Open Air Bar & Restaurant! We'll take you on a taste safari… through exotic views to find nature fresh culinary delights. We'll help you escape the "concrete jungle" Every evening at Hangout becomes a memorable evening as the DJ plays amazing songs and videos or special live guitar evenings which no Resorts in Kasauli offer.

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Hangout has also started Silent Noise Party or Silent disco which happens only in Goa and other place in India is Kasauli Regency Hotel in Kasauli, India. Nightlife in Kasauli is : have a few drinks and retire in the room, but if you are staying in Kasauli Regency, you better not miss the fun on the Rooftop Pub & Bar.

Tripadvisor has given it 5 star reviews and ranked no.1 Bar and Restaurant in Kasauli.
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Kasauli Regency's Hangout : The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant
hangout in kasauli, kasauli regency
hangout kasauli, kasauli regency
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The Hangout
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